Describing the philosophy of the Trip AM community is no simple task. From its inception to its current form, it has been both a musical and philosophical journey. I deliberately use the term philosophy because many of our members are passionate about discussing music in all its aspects. We delve into topics such as the role of artists, the music industry, the intersection of sound and spirituality, the significance of music in different genres today, and more.

The initial concept arose from the realization that popular music's main concepts seemed limiting. We drew inspiration from a wide range of influences, making it challenging to fit into a specific genre. Furthermore, the idea of a static band felt restrictive as new musicians continually joined our ranks. They brought along their friends, and their contributions to our shows were always delightful surprises. Many of them were session musicians or jazzists who effortlessly integrated themselves with little to no preparation. However, we weren't solely a session or jazz band. Despite our appreciation for jazz and its various subgenres, our sound didn't align exclusively with that style. The influences of pop, soul, and cultural elements from Africa and Latin America expanded our musical spectrum significantly. It became clear that we were not just a jazz band. Additionally, concepts of electronic and organic music didn't fully encapsulate our sound since we often combined elements from both. It became apparent that we needed to define and represent ourselves in a way that encompassed all these elements and remained open to embracing new phenomena in the future.

Trip AM has always been a circle of friends who supported each other, no matter how eclectic or exotic the task at hand seemed. Over time, we realized that this collaboration was also financially beneficial for all of us. With each new friend who worked with us, collaborated, or featured as an artist, our repertoire expanded, and our discussions became richer. Through ongoing debates and mutual respect for our differences, we gradually found common ground. This ongoing process, spanning years, enriched us and prepared us to tackle any challenge, no matter how unconventional it may have seemed.

I take great pride in saying that this collective is proof that different ideologies and musical tastes can be combined to create something fresh, where ambivalence becomes a sign of vitality and open-mindedness among members. The cultural richness that arises when individuals from Italy, Mozambique, Ireland, Sweden, Angola, Ghana, the United States, Morocco, Tunisia, Denmark, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, and more come together in Berlin to play music is truly remarkable.

These intriguing combinations often required significant effort because what may seem normal to some can be unfamiliar to others. However, over time, people come to appreciate each other's talents, overcoming initial differences. Friendship fosters a willingness to learn, respect, and expand one's own paradigms. Once we surpass these barriers, a mutually beneficial situation emerges for both session musicians and featured solo artists. They learn from each other and shine together.

This is how we evolve. Love has brought us this far, and love will propel us forward.

It is natural for us to want to share this love for differences and different cultures because many of us are intimately familiar with what the German philosopher and sociologist Georg Simmel once described as the psychology of the stranger. This phenomenon of feeling simultaneously close and distant from German culture is something we all seem to share. Our home base is androgynous. We feel at home here, yet in many ways, we remain strangers due to our diverse cultural backgrounds. This uniqueness adds depth to our presence in the contemporary post-immigrant discourse, as we have naturally contributed to the diversity of the scene for the past 20 years.

Currently, Trip AM commonly appears as a band of three to six people, with varying singers tailored to fit each event.


Nevertheless there is always something new at the horizon. The collective willingness to try out new things, to evolve and to include new artists implicate that there is no stopping there. 

So talk to us, argue and dream with us. Let music be an inspiration to listen to the beauty of difference, or just have a fun day with us. It is on you what you want - we will be there and always try our best to fulfill your expectations while staying true to ourselves our passion for what we think this world needs and to cut a long story is mainly "more happiness, understanding and love".