Trip AM emerged in the early 2000s when Gilles Agnamana and Stefan Lars envisioned a music and art project free from genre and ego restrictions. Their foundation was built upon friendship, trust, and a shared love for art and music. It quickly became evident that they weren't alone in these ideals, as they discovered other like-minded musicians who shared their drive to experiment, explore new genres, and break free from the confines of traditional bands and genres. Yann Gouzien and Cremildo de Caifaz soon joined the project, further expanding and refining the concept. This marked a shift from experimental and progressive music to a more soul and jazz-inspired style.

As our art and music grew more sophisticated, we recognized the potential to assist other artists with their songs and creations. Agencies and friends became intrigued by our work, leading to paid opportunities to perform and produce music for them. In response, we invited more of our friends to join us on stage or in the studio.

The early years were eclectic, and the project went through various names such as Pop is Thievery, Allnite Productions, Leroy and the Family, to mention a few. Through word-of-mouth recommendations, our reputation continued to grow. Over time, we received requests to perform a diverse range of music genres including Caribbean, Afro-funk, classical, singer-songwriter, pop, rock, and more. Each time, we aimed to surpass expectations and deliver exceptional performances.

In 2015, we made the decision to return to our original vision and adopt the name "Trip AM." This name encompassed a decade of hard work, live performances, and music and art production for prominent companies such as Aperol, Levi's, Walldecaux, Reuters, Merz Aesthetics, Arche, Saint Gobain, and many others. What began as a philosophical conversation about the essence of music evolved into a professional enterprise and a large collective of over 50 individuals who support and collaborate with each other. We continue to scout, manage, and feature new artists, fueling our ongoing growth.

The label "Trip AM" represents both the origin and the crystallization of our creative and versatile process. It allows us to bring all aspects of our work under one roof and meet the demands and inquiries of our clients, who have supported us and now seek to promote us in return. We strive to collaborate with individuals who resonate with our core values: bridging differences—whether musical, cultural, philosophical, or spiritual—and setting egos aside to foster understanding, happiness, and love in a world torn by conflict.