Trip AM started early this millennium, when Gilles Agnamana and Stefan Lars had the idea to create a music and art project without any genre and ego restrictions, which was based solely on friendship, trust and the love for art and music. Soon they found out they weren't alone with these kind of ideals, other musicians were around that had a similar drive to experiment, try out new genres, mix them up and were also tired of the confinements certain band and genres can bring about. It didn't take long till Yann Gouzien and Cremildo de Caifaz joined the boat and helped developing the idea further. Here the project took a turn from experimental, progressive music to a more soul and jazz inspired style.


The more sophisticated the art and music became the more we got aware of the possibility to help other artists with their songs and artefacts. Agencies and friends became curious about what we were made of and started paying us to play and produce for them, so we invited more friends of us to join the stage and/or studio.


The starting years were eclectic at times, the whole movement has had many names: Pop is Thievery, Allnite Productions, Leroy and the Family, to name a few.  Everything kept growing just by means of word-of-mouth recommendation, and with time the music requests became more exotic, we were asked to play caribbean, afro-funk, classic, singer-songwriter, pop and rock music and other genres. We always said we will make it and each time we fulfilled the expectations, if not exceeded them.


In 2015 we decided to go back to the original vision and name "Trip AM", which seemed to be the common denominator of a good ten year labor performing live and producing music and art for big companies such as Aperol, Levis, Walldecaux, Reuters, Merz Aesthetics, Arche and Saint Gobain and many many more. What started with a philosophic conversation about what music is all about ended in a professional enterprise, a big collective of over 50 people that help and support each other and is still growing; as we are helping scouting, managing and featuring new artists all the time.


The label "Trip Am" is the origin, as well as the crystallization of this creative, polyvalent, at times very unexpected process. This way we could bring everything under one roof and please the demands and inquiries of our clients, that we have helped and that now wanted to help and promote us in return. We like to work with people that like what we stand for, namely bridging differences, be them musical, cultural, philosophical and spiritual, leaving the egos aside to create understanding, happiness and love in times torn by conflict.