We are a music collective of solo artists that are bound together by friendship and love with a passion to perform, entertain and produce!  We play our own dynamic concerts and offer you a great time with cover songs and with original songs by the artists collaborating. We play our unique takes on songs of famous artists around the globe, as well as we give artists a possibility to showcase their own songs.


We offer tailor-made live music events for your own personal taste. We are a very flexible band that can adapt to the client's musical preferences. We master Pop, Soul, World-Music, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter,Rock and many more genres... If need be, we blend in, and make background music, but we can also be loud and get a party rolling. It is up to you and what you wish for! Many clients wish a combination of both as the evening proceeds. We will definitely make your event something special.


Moreover, we also produce songs, in case our clients are in need of our sound. We look back on more than 20 years of experience in playing live events and producing music for big and small clients. 

We have successfully entertained brands like Sony, Wall Ag, St. Gobain, Levi's, Aperol, Tropical Island, and many many more.



Contact Trip AM via e-mail love@tripammusic.com