About Us

Welcome to our music collective, where solo artists are united by friendship, love, and a shared passion for performing, entertaining, and producing music! We offer dynamic concerts that feature a mix of cover songs and original compositions from our collaborating artists. With our unique interpretations of famous songs from around the world, we also provide a platform for artists to showcase their own music.

At our collective, we specialize in creating tailor-made live music events that cater to your personal taste. As a highly adaptable band, we can effortlessly adjust our musical style to match your preferences. Whether it's Pop, Soul, World Music, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, or any other genre you desire, we've got you covered. We can seamlessly blend into the background to create an ambient atmosphere, or we can crank up the volume and get the party started. The choice is yours! Many clients opt for a combination of both as the evening progresses. Rest assured, we will make your event truly exceptional.

Furthermore, we also offer music production services for clients in need of our signature sound. With over 20 years of experience in performing at live events and producing music for clients big and small, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project.

Our roster of satisfied clients includes renowned brands such as Sony, Wall Ag, St. Gobain, Levi's, Aperol, Tropical Island, and many more. We have successfully entertained and delighted audiences for a wide range of esteemed companies.